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Maslins is Employee Owned, so the staff really care about the business.
We’re a growing firm, proud to be helping train the next generation of accountants.
Rest assured your work will be dealt with by someone suitably experienced/qualified to do so.



Julie joined us late 2013, having already completed her AAT. Julie doesn’t drink (hence therefore make) tea, which gives her additional valid seconds every day to devote to helping clients. Julie heads up a Maslins team.

2002-2008 – Agronomy degree from Ukraine’s National University of Life and Environmental Sciences.

2007-2013 – Production manager for a small ice cream producer whilst studying AAT.

2013-now – Accounts manager for Maslins, assisting clients with accounting/tax queries. Fully qualified ACCA and CTA.


Gareth started in the middle of the Jan 2015 personal tax return rush. Not to fit gender stereotypes, but he has become our in house IT geek alongside his accountancy training. Gareth heads up a Maslins team.

2010-2012 – Studying for physics degree at Sussex University until quantum blew his mind.

2011-2014 – Various roles at Sainsbury’s, leading a small team and dealing with tricky customers.

2015-now – Accounts manager for Maslins, assisting clients with accounting/tax queries. Fully qualified ACCA and CTA.


Daniela joined in June 2017 having done a variety of roles for short periods beforehand and works closely with Gareth.

She graduated with a 2.1 in accounting and finance in 2016, doing a few random roles before starting with us. As well as her numeracy skills Daniela is also a great baker. Not a required skill, but certainly a “nice to have”!

With her relevant degree she was able to leapfrog some ACCA exams and nailed the others to be a qualified accountant.


Bradley started with us January 2018. Prior to that he’d primarily worked in retail/charities.

As Bradley was keen to devote himself to accountancy before doing his A-levels, he’s working through the AAT qualification. Having completed two stages he has one more before progressing to ACCA.

He has a dog of his own (a puggle), and was keen to work in a canine friendly firm.


Annie was brought in as an office manager in March 2018.  She works alongside the technical staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the business.

Her educational background was primarily in fine art(!), but since then she’s worked with various companies, big and small, being that critical person who just gets stuff done.

Being great at admin, including bookkeeping, she may venture into the accountancy world further down the line if we can persuade her…


Tom started with us in January 2019, following working part time for Pizza Hut around being a straight A school student. He’s already part qualified ACCA, with just a final few exams to go.

Currently doing lots of the background processing work, he’s picking things up very quickly in the office and should be a star of the future.

He’s a black belt in Taekwondo, but is far less intimidating than that makes him sound.


Joining in October 2019, Leanne’s background was in running a kennels…making her an obvious recruit!

Leanne has a dual role within the office. This includes assisting “Annie” with the never ending administration, whilst also studying AAT and helping with accounts tasks.

Leanne also has a background as a competitive swimmer. To date we’re yet to find a practical use for this skill, but its time may come.


Joining the firm in the middle of a plague (late 2020) Ollie had to do a lot of his early learning remotely. This unfortunately meant he passed probation before we established he wasn’t keen on drinking (or making) tea or coffee.

Prior to joining us, Ollie gained a first class Economics degree demonstrating his geekery with finances, whilst learning the joys of customer service in retail/bar roles.


John joined Maslins in summer 2021. He’d spent the decade prior to that working at JD Wetherspoon, so knows how to deal with…tricky customers!

He’d done a few accounting exams off his own back around pouring pints, and we’ve now got him pressing ahead all guns blazing towards the ACCA qualification.

He also used to be in a death metal band, touring Europe, though he assures us his rocker days are behind him.


Moira spends most of her time at her local bridge club and on holiday. She does find some time to help at the office.

undisclosed – Qualified with ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland) at some point before decimalisation and the internet, but after the wheel.

19odd-2009 – Many years in the profession for multiple firms.

2010-now – Working for Maslins, using her vast experience to help out wherever she’s needed.


Chris founded the firm, though largely working in the background now. He spends the rest of his time looking after his dog and placing daft bets on Scotland to win at rugby.

2000-2008 – Economics degree, Southampton University. Then Tenon (as was at the time, RIP), whilst qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Then Baker Tilly, qualifying as a Chartered Tax Adviser.

2008-now – Set up the practice. Now well established from base in Tunbridge Wells, serving clients across the UK.


Jenny’s been providing support in the background for many years.

This started primarily as moral support to Chris in the early days. Now things have grown she assists more practically in making sure the office runs smoothly.

When not working at Maslins, she can often be found singing or playing violin. For some reason she’s a little more passionate about music than accountancy…


Hamish was only born in mid 2014 but has already been appointed our Director of Shredding.

Keen to progress within the organisation, he ignores our “smart casual” dress code, insisting on wearing a tie at all times.

His personal hygiene sometimes comes into question, but his loyalty is second to none.

We’re currently assessing which accounting qualification is most suitable for his unique skills.

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