Accounting and tax guides

Please find some generic guides for freelancers/contractors.

Whilst these guides were written to the best of our knowledge at the time, they may not always be up to date, and may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances.  If you’d like personalised advice, contact us.

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Accountancy Guides

Starting a new business can be pretty daunting. We focus on the small contractor/freelancer market, and have prepared a number of guides to cover the basics on most tax and accounting topics these businesses are likely to come across.

The accountancy guides are there to help you understand what all the various different numbers mean to you, and what obligations you have as a company director.

The tax guides are more geared towards letting you know what you can/cannot claim as an expense to reduce your corporation/personal tax bills. Also covered is the main tax choice you’re likely to encounter, VAT. Do you have to register? If not, should you do it voluntarily? Are there any schemes that might benefit you?

These guides are all generic and will be applicable in the majority of cases, at the time they were written. These do not constitute professional advice from Maslins Accountants LLP, only general guidance. No liability will be accepted should the information contained not be optimal for your specific circumstances.

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