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I’ve already got a FreeAgent account

Many of our clients did, it’s awesome, it’s more famous than us, and they’ve been around longer than we have.

You can keep your existing account, with all the data and the same login. We’ll get the FreeAgent support team to put your account on our dashboard, which makes no difference to you, except we’ll have access and get billed for it (incorporating the cost into our fee).

As we work closely with FreeAgent we get a generous discount on their headline rates, so unless you’ve got loads of referrals, this tends to be the best way.

How long am I tied in for?

You’re not.

If there’s a ton of work for us to do on day 1, or you’re joining right near the end of an accounting year, we’ll agree an upfront fee for this.

After that, it’s a rolling monthly deal, you’re free to leave whenever you like, and can take your FreeAgent account back into private ownership/transfer it to a new accountant with ease.

We’ll also finish off any accounts/tax returns in progress and agree a suitable switchover point…not that we have to do this much.

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