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UK market leading invoicing/bookkeeping SaaS offering.

Cloud based, so you can access anywhere with internet, plus we can see the same data, live.

FreeAgent was created by contractors/freelancers for contractors/freelancers.

You won’t find a package better suited to your needs.

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What Makes FreeAgent So Good?

  • All In One Place – Invoicing, debt chasing, time keeping and bookkeeping, all in one easy package.
  • Easy To Use – Simple bookkeeping software designed by non-accountants for non-accountants.
  • Time/Project Manager – Charge by the hour/day? Keeps track of this for you and makes billing a breeze.
  • Tax Timeline – Lets you know when and how much of your hard earned cash you need to pay over to HMRC.

FreeAgent Features

  • Invoice with ease – Charts of invoice payments show you, month-by-month, what payments are due, overdue or have been paid.
  • Manage expenses – Track what your company owes you by adding out-of-pocket expenses, including scanned expense receipts.
  • Tame the bank account – Reconcile money in and out of the business via your electronic bank statements.
  • Wrangle the accounts – Visual profit and loss statements show you how much money your business is making and spending.
  • Prepare for tax time – Unique tax timeline shows you what you owe HMRC and when. Export this to Outlook or Google calendar.

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