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Accountants for Software Developers

Accountants for Software Developers

Maslins assist a wide range of one person service based businesses. This includes multiple software/web developers.

Below we highlight one such client, Steven Grant, who joined Maslins way back in February 2012!

Steven Grant

Developer in a variety of software languages



Steven’s been in web development for almost 20 years. He’s worked for entities big and small, mostly private companies but also some local government/charity work.

He set up his Ltd Co in 2010, when cloud computing was entering the accounting world. Being based in Scotland and tech savvy, FreeAgent was an obvious choice for Steven’s business.

Maslins itself was new back then, having teamed up with FreeAgent in 2008 to help businesses like Steven’s across the UK.

The money we pay Maslins every month is the one business expense I don’t mind!

Steven Grant

Between us and FreeAgent we’ve got the accounting/tax side of running his business covered.

Steven can stick to doing what he does best and enjoys most. He’s safe in the knowledge we’re here to answer any questions he has, and ensure he stays on the straight and narrow!

Are you a software developer seeking a great accountant?

Look no further!

Our affordable fixed monthly package provides all you need to stay on top of your software development company’s finances, and comply with accounting/tax obligations.

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